A New Look: My Logo Design Journey

August 25, 2019

If you've ever visited YEN CREATES before, you probably noticed a very big change here.



I recently went through a complete rebrand for this website. Everything was changed: logo, color palette, and typefaces. I also completely update the look and layout of the entire website, so it fits better with the theme for this rebrand.




I have been thinking about updating my brand for quite some time.


When I designed my last logo for YEN CREATES, I had just started to really learn graphic design on my own. At that time, this place was my personal space to write blog posts on anything I thought of and share my design practices.


One thing that really stuck with me from the design lessons I took when I was making my first logo was that “your logo has to represent your brand.” And at the time, I didn't have a brand; it was just me. So for my first logo, I have the name of my website + a wavy line for W, the first letter for my last name.

As I continue on the road of learning graphic and logo design, I learned more about design elements and colors. I changed the wavy line to a light blue for waves, and I added a brush stroke behind the word “creates”, emphasize the creativity.

But I didn't really like this logo. It just looked really in-cohesive to me (especially the blue wavy line), so I did a little adjustment.


I combined the brush stroke with the waviness and change to a brighter color, pink.


I soon grew out of this logo and wanted a new look (again), so I quickly started to brainstorm other ideas, and I came up with the logo that I've been using for the past 2 years.


I kept the brush stroke that represents creativity. I added in a square around my website name and created a layered effect with the brush stroke meaning “thinking outside of the box.” And I picked yellow, which is my favorite color, to be the main color for my logo.

I learned about the mood board and color palette after the logo was created. So I did the process backward. Instead of making and using the mood board as inspiration, I created a logo first then did my mood board. 


The color palette I had before was bright and vibrant, which I thought was a good fit to represent me and my personality two years ago.



As time passed by, I wanted to create more quality content. I transform my blog from just me writing on a topic that plainly describes my thoughts, to sharing actual tips and experiences that people can have some takeaways after reading.


After making this establishment, I feel like I found a purpose for this website: help people create a better life. 


And I wanted it to grow more. I transformed the methods that I used to help me stay organized and productive into free worksheets for my subscribers to download.


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Around this time, I also discovered the area of design that I wanted to focus on: logo design. 


My previous experience with creating logos for this website plays a really important factor for me to make this decision. I totally understand how time-consuming this process takes, and I want to help busy entrepreneurs to feel less overwhelmed thinking about creating their logos.


With all these changes, I started to think that my logo no longer aligns with my vision for YEN CREATES. Yes, it was a great representation of me as a person, but it doesn't feel 100% like the brand I want to create.


I knew it was time that I need a rebrand.


I want something that can show my style of design: clean, elegant, and welcoming.


This time, I start with making a mood board help me figure out the overall vibe I want people to feel when they visit my website.


I kept some elements from my last mood board that I thought would work for the rebrand, and it was actually where all the ideas started to flow.


I picked some images with fabrics because I want my brand and my website to feel cozy and comfortable. I also kept the box and brush strokes on the mood board for creativity.



When I was picking the color palette, I noticed that not only did that tan color was across my mood board, but it was also used in my past logo and color palette! I decided to finally use it as one of my primary colors this time. And instead of the bright yellow I chose for the last logo, I went with a cream/vanilla yellow, which makes a great background color throughout this website.


I chose muted pink and cool gray for my accent colors.


Once I had the mood board and color palette all set up, I started working on designing the new logo.


I kept the “box” concept here. But instead of using a brush stroke this time, I decided to not close the box to represent the flexibility of my design and unlimited creativity.


I also change the fonts. Before, I always used the script font for the word “YEN.” This time I use the script font to the word “CREATES,” which I think fits well for creativity. 


This change also means that I shift from focusing on me to my brand and my creations.


It was fun (and embarrassing) to look back to all the logos I've made for this website. To be honest, I was quite surprised by how many changes I've been through.


But it's definitely nice to be able to see my journey on learning graphic design and finding my style!



I hope you like this rebrand and the new look here!



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