Teatime: Favorite Items for This Winter

March 17, 2019

After not one, but two wind chill warnings for the frigid temperature (and many days of (wayyy) below zero temperatures), it's safe to say that I'm ready for spring.


This is the first winter I spent in my new apartment. In order to keep things easier for me for this season, I've bought a couple of tools that have made my life so, so much easier during the cold and snowy weather.



Snow broom

Before I moved out, I've always lived in a place with a garage, so I've never had to worry about snow piling up on my car. Yes, there were times that I had to clean off a very thin layer of snow from parking outside all day while I was at work, but it wasn't anything that the snow brush couldn't easily do.


Things got a little different last year when we had the first storm in November. I had just moved into my apartment at that time and had to park my car in the outdoor parking lot. After it had been snowing all night, I got ready earlier the next morning because I knew that I would have to spend some time to clean off the snow from my car. It turned out that I was still late to work as it took me way longer to clean off 3 inches snow off my windshields with the snow brush plus shoveling my way out of the parking spot.


After finishing telling my colleague the reason that I was late that morning, she recommended me to use snow broom. She said that her mom has one, and apparently it works like magic. I immediately ordered one from Amazon after I got home that day. And let me tell you, it saved me so much time in the morning on the days that my car got covered in snow! Even during the storm we got in mid-January, it took me less than three minutes to clean off inches of snow from my entire car, not just my windshields.


If you park your car outside in the winter, I highly recommend getting this to save your time in the morning!



Windshield cover

The next thing I got is also car related. Since I don't have a remote start for my car (this is probably what I should really get for the winter, too, but it's just too much out of my price range), it could take some time for me to defrost my windshield in an icy morning. Once I got home for the night and park my car, I put the cover on my windshield. And the next morning I can just simply remove the cover and get on the road. It saved me so much time from scraping the ice off my windshield before heading to work.


However, the cover has some downsides. You’ll have to check the weather ahead of time to know if you need to put the cover on for the night. This was not a big issue for me because I check the weather every day in the winter. Or if you don’t mind, you can avoid this by just putting the cover on every night anyway. The second thing is that I've read the reviews that you’ll need to make sure that the surface is dry when you put the cover on. Otherwise, the cover might stick to the windshield and cause it to tear or rip when you try to take it off in the morning.



Big scarf/pashmina

It can get very cold in my office, and there were times that I seriously considered bringing a blanket with me. The only reason that I've not done it was because it’s going to be bulky and inconvenient for me to move around. So instead, I got a big scarf that I could use for the same purpose.


The scarf I used was not a new thing I bought for this winter. I actually got it as a gift from my dad last year, and I just used it as a regular scarf last winter. And at the beginning of this winter, I was actually using another scarf (the rounded kind). But I just need something else for the office, and the big scarf sure keeps me cozy and warm while I’m doing some work!



Space heater

One of the great features of my apartment was that the heat is included! When I was in college, the apartment I got didn't include the heat, so our electricity bill got rocket high in the winter (it was an electric heater). So I was really excited when I heard that the heat is provided for my new apartment.


So why do I still need a space heater, then? Well, the heater that is in my apartment has a central control, and since the heat is included, it has a limit of how high we can set the temperature (which I totally understand). The only thing is that when the weather got colder and colder, I want my bedroom to be nice and toasted, so I can spend my night relaxing in my cozy space.


That’s why I went on a search for a space heater. I found this one from Walmart, and I've been loving it! This heater has the temperature setting feature, so it’ll automatically turn on and off depending on the temperature of the room instead of running the whole time when it’s on. Since I pay for the electricity, this feature is super helpful to keep my room warm and not add too much on my electricity bill.


The only downside for this space heater is that it doesn't have the tip-over safety feature like the other ones that I've used before.



With these amazing tools, this winter is much more bearable. But still, I really can't wait for the warmer weather to come! 


Do you have any favorite items for the winter?




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