Revealing a Truth about Me...

December 16, 2018

When I decided to blog (not on this site), I started with one intention to practice my writing. I started my blog called "My Ordinary Life" on Weebly, and of course, I wrote about my life. I would share things like the book I read, an old memory that I thought about, pretty much anything that came to my mind. I was basically journaling in a blog format and publish it to the Internet, and it sure kept me going for a while then just journaling for myself, until I realized that there weren't many people reading my blog.



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Knowing that my blog didn't attract many readers decreased my motivation to keep writing because I didn't feel like I had the commitment to update as frequent anymore. Eventually, I stopped writing altogether.


When I started this website in the beginning, I just wanted a space for me to upload my graphic design practices, I also wanted to include something for this site to have more creative content. I decided to start blogging again. I initially wrote posts the same way I did before. 


The result was not surprisingly the same as the last time. However, I grew to like blogging a lot more. So I began to look around for blogging tips and ideas and how to attract more readers. There were tons of information online, but the one thing that stood out for me is to give your readers a purpose to read your blog. That being said, I'll have to provide something that people can actually take away from reading my posts. 

Seriously, who wants to read about a stranger's life just to read it? If my blog can't solve people's problems, why should they read it? I thought about the blogs that I usually followed. Most of them are graphic design related because they provided so many useful tips for design, which was what I needed. So giving people a reason to read my blog was the first thing that I needed to change.


But what do I have to offer? I had no idea. I didn't really have a skill or knew a topic to teach or offer tips to others. I looked at some of the old posts that I wrote and I found out that I liked the ones that I share about studying abroad and staying organized at work. These are something that people could have takeaways from! 


I continued to write posts based on my life experience, but I started to share more posts that could give others some tips on topics like saving money or meal prep.  Gradually, I found the direction for this website. I transitioned my blog from just me writing anything about my life to sharing tips or stories that hopefully can make others feel inspired or create a better lifestyle with me.


Here is the truth about me though. Although everything I've shared here was all based on my real life experience, and I'm trying to give my best tips to create a better lifestyle, I'm a very lazy person in reality. This is why I'm such a believer of taking small steps to achieve something and almost never post about tips on being productive.


The reason I'm talking about this is that recently I've discovered some wonderful blogs on blogging and graphic design, like Dana Nicole Designs and BrandBlitz.Co. I absolutely love their content! I could just feel how much effort they've put into building their websites. Of course, there are so many other blogs I follow that have wonderful content as well, but these two were the ones that I just found out recently that made me feel freshly inspired.


I subscribed to both sites, and the emails/newsletters I got were also really useful as well! These are the quality content that I wanted to create but didn't because I'm too lazy. That doesn't mean I don't put efforts in the content I currently have. I do, and I'm proud of everything I've put out so far. It's just if I can put more time into working and creating (instead of watching so much YouTube and Netflix...), I would've produced more than just one blog post a week.


There's nothing wrong with wanting to relax during my free time, of course. The thing is, there are so many ideas in my head that I'm just not making them become the reality. 


Learning how to be more productive and stop letting my laziness take over my life will be a huge goal for me to achieve, and I'm sure it will take a long way. However, that's the purpose of this blog. I will share everything I learn from this journey. If you're someone like me that let your laziness take over your life, I totally understand, and let's try together and make our lives better and more productive.


With that being said, I've created a workbook/planner. I will provide free download from today until 1/6/2019. This workbook/planner has monthly calendar and weekly planner for each month, as well as prompt for you to create a better lifestyle. If you'd like to try it (I mean, it's free, so why not?), simply subscribe below to get access to the Free section, where you'd also be able to other free worksheets!


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The only thing that I would like from you is your feedback for this workbook/planner. Tell me what you like about it and what can I do better!


Let's create a better life.


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