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December 10, 2018

Hey! It's been a long while since I've written a blog post. But I promise, I'm not neglecting this place! Actually, if you haven't had a chance to look around, I've added a new section on this site called "FREE," where you can access all of the worksheets that I created and will create in the future. Just simply subscribed below to my site, and you can get access to all the free stuff I offer!



So, where have I been these months other than doing a little bit of content upgrade for this site? Well, where should I even start? All the things that happened in the past five months are so life-changing, and I'm not even exaggerating. Let's backtrack to when I kind of stopped writing new posts.


I've mentioned in one of my previous posts about how I write the blog. I usually wrote 2-4 posts ahead of time, so I can ensure that I have something to post every week. So, although the last blog post from me was in July, I've actually stopped writing in June. I stopped writing my blog for two reasons. The first was that I wanted to add more value to my readers, so I was working on brainstorming and creating content upgrade for this site. The second reason, also the first life-changing event, was that I was preparing for my neutralization test/interview. 


I've also mentioned in my other posts that I moved to the U.S. from Taiwan, and this year is the tenth year that I've lived in the states. Honestly, I've never really thought about being a U.S. citizen because I felt like things wouldn't change much for me, plus I don't want to go through the whole process of taking the test and interview (seriously even just hearing the word "test" is enough to make me nervous). However, we all know how things changed in the past few years, and I no longer feel secured even with my green card, especially the two times that I traveled back to Taiwan. I just had the fear that I would not be able to come back to the states for any reason or no reason at all.


So at the beginning of this year, I started thinking about becoming a citizen. Actually, some people around me were surprised when they found out that I was not a citizen yet because I've lived here for so long. I've decided it was about time for me to take the next step, so I submit my application, went through the process, passed my test and interview, took the oath and received my citizenship certificate in July.


Honestly, the whole process was so smooth, and I felt extremely lucky and blessed with the whole experience. But before the result came out, I was so freaking nervous, like, every time when I think about it I just felt very anxious. Was it hard? Not really. It was definitely no harder than the tests I've taken in school. But it was just emotionally very stressful for me. Anyway, I'm grateful the result was positive and I was able to obtain my citizenship this year.


After that, I had a hard time getting back to my writing schedule, so I've decided to completely take a break from it until I feel inspired again. Then fast-forward to September. In my first post here, I've mentioned that I wanted to find a new career path. For the past year or two, I've been on and off looking for a new job. I've landed some interviews here and there, but never got an offer. Then I started wearing braces last year, so it kind of limited my job search even more because I couldn't be too far away from my orthodontist.


In September, I saw a job posting on Indeed for a graphic designer. And graphic design is something that I've been learning on my own this year. I started this site initially so I can upload my practice here. I totally knew that there are still LOTS of rooms for improvement, in my graphic skill, but that time I was finally able to comfortably use the new techniques I've, so I was feeling extra confident. I've decided to apply for the position despite knowing that I was not qualified. But I thought if they decided to accept me, I would definitely be able to grow with the position. And if they don't, the worst thing I would get is a no, and I would move on with my job search.


Long story short, I did not hear back from the graphic design position that I applied to, but my resume was forwarded to another department. They reached out to me for a different position, where my soft skills, such as organization and communication, applied, and I also have room to use and work on my creativity. I went through two rounds of interview and successfully landed the job in October. 


My new job was about an hour from where I lived, which worked out perfectly because I was able to commute and did not have to worry about relocating. Although I still had to move because driving in winter can be really ugly, and an hour commute can turn to two or even longer during the bad weather, I was able to search for an apartment after I started my job and not have to rush into things. I successfully found and moved into a place three weeks after my new job, just in time for when the first snowstorm hit New York. 


Before I found my new job, I was living with my parents as my old job was nearby (literally right next building to where my dad works, so I used to ride with him to work). I could not tell you how much I wanted to move out! Not that it was bad living with my parents, but I just want to have a space that I could call mine. There had been so many times that I started to look for an apartment, but I never really do because I wanted to be able to build my savings by living at home while I still can in case for the situations in the future. And find a new job and had to move away was definitely one of the situations that I was preparing for because I will not be able to save as much as I used to with all the bills, it would be nice to know that I still have savings from previous years. I was also able to use the money to buy new furniture and other stuff that I need for the apartment. 


Since moving out was something that I've looked forward to for so long, I thought I would be excited when I'm finally able to do it. But I didn't. Instead, I experience something that had never happened to me before: homesick. Never in my life would I imagine that I would ever feel homesick, but I do, I really do now. And I was so surprised because growing up, I'm always so good at being alone. I like to spend time in my own room doing my own thing. I even look forward to that every day. And when I was living home, that was exactly what I do, too. I never knew that doing the same thing in a different location would make me feel this lonely because I'm alone no one beside me.


I'm sure this is just a transition period for me. I'm probably feeling this way because things new things had happened so quickly, and I had been in my comfort zone for so long. Things just changed to quick for me to adjust. But I'm still very surprised to find this side of me that I never knew I have since I've always loved to spend time with myself by myself. 


All in all, I'm still very excited to see what this new journey will bring me and look forward to the new things that I'll be learning. I'll also try to create more and better content here. Exciting things are definitely coming!



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