My Adult Habits

July 8, 2018

When I was a little kid, people in my family would watch news, movies, and other shows on TV that I thought were the most boring things ever. I believed that I will never grow up to like those channels, and I would love my shows on Disney and Cartoon Network forever. When I became a teenager, I hated going to bed and waking up early to go to school. I thought to myself that after I graduate from school I'm gonna stay up every day, and no one will tell me to go to bed early. 


Well, these ideas didn't stay the same as I thought they would. I started to watch those "boring" shows and movies (though I still love Disney's movies), and I definitely don't get to stay up as I want to. In fact, if anything, I need to make sure that I go to bed on time more than before.


During the last couple of months, I noticed that I have developed some adult habits — things that I never thought that I would do when I was younger, and they actually change my life in a positive way. I thought these might be good habits for anyone to have, and here are the three things that are most noticeable to me.


Going to bed early
As I just mentioned, I hated going to bed and waking up early. I would've never imagined this would happen to me, ever. I actually did not intentionally go to bed early, but my body got used to a routine, and it was harder and harder for me to stay up late. Occasionally, when I went to bed later than usual or didn't sleep well the night before, I noticed that it was extremely difficult for me to concentrate at work, and my productivity decreased so much.


My body has gotten so used to my sleeping schedule. Now, even if I try not to sleep until midnight during the weekend, it would be really hard for me to stay awake and focus on whatever I'm doing. And because I go to bed early, I would wake up early, even on my day-offs. It feels like I got some extra time in the day, and I absolutely love it!
Getting excited to try new recipes
I've been meal prepping for over a year now. I usually switch among 5 to 7 dishes, so I don't get sick of eating the same thing all the time. Until now, I've been getting pretty good at preparing the ingredients beforehand, and I was able to make multiple dishes at the same time without ruining everything. I wouldn't say that like cooking that much. I think a big part of it is because I don't like preparing everything. The actual cooking part is actually not that bad for me.


However, when I see new recipes online for simple and quick dishes, I get really excited to try them! I would change the recipes a little bit by substituting the ingredients that I already have. It feels like I create new dishes, and I could easily add more varieties to my meal prep! 

Doing the dishes right away
Growing up, my family never used a dishwasher, and I absolutely hated doing the dishes, just as much as I hated going to be early. I would leave them in the sink for hours, or even for a night before washing them. I can’t explain why I didn't like doing dishes so much, but I just could never wash something right after I used it.


However, I don't know if it's because I'm in the kitchen more often now, I cannot stand seeing the used plates or bowls in the sink. I have to do wash them right away now, even if it's just a glass. I can totally understand why my mom got mad at me when she told me to wash the dishes, and I waited for hours to actually do them.
Honestly, although these are things that I never thought would become my habits, I'm glad they did. I'm able to have a better and healthier lifestyle because of them. If there is anything that you would like to make it a habit, I created a Habit Tracker Worksheet that could help you. You can sign up and access free Habit Tracker here!




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