De-stress/Relax after Work

June 17, 2018


My typical workday consists of different tasks that are waiting to be done, a few meetings, and sometimes new quests that need to be finished ASAP. Everything requires a lot of my attention, and it could get very stressful from time to time. As the result, I really look forward to my time after work, when I can relax and do things that aren't as stressful as earlier. Here are the four things that I like to do to de-stress and relax after work.



Get comfortable

After long hours wearing a blouse and dress pants, the first thing when I get home is always changing into comfy pants (sweatpants or shorts) and tank top. I definitely don’t have good sitting posture. I like to sit with my legs curled up in the chair, and wearing loose pants helps me get really comfortable and relaxed while I sit in front of my desk. I wouldn't change into my pajamas until after I shower, so I have lounge pants around my room for me to wear from the moment I get home until shower time.



After I change into my comfy clothes, the next thing I do is to take out my contact lenses and remove makeup on my face. My eyes tend to get very tired and dry from staring at the computer screen all day long. And my face gets really oily throughout the day, on top of the full makeup, it’s just so uncomfortable! Changing into glasses and removing makeup on my face makes me feel so refreshed! It's absolutely one of the best feelings in the world!



After I get myself situated and comfortable, it's time for me to relax. I like to eat dinner while watching videos on YouTube or Netflix. I'm definitely the type of person who needs to find something to watch before I start eating. Other than watching videos, I would also use this time to check my emails, catch up on social media, and work on my website. Doing these things takes up a good chunk of my time every night.



Since I have an office job, I'm sitting for the most of the day, my knees and calf can get really sore sometimes. Some people call it moviegoer’s knee (patellofemoral syndrome), something office workers might get. Doing some stretching helps me relieve the soreness of my legs and make my body feel a lot better. I also like to do some back twist in my bed before I go to sleep.


Pamper yourself

Once or twice a week, I would do a facial mask. I really love how smooth my skin feels after doing a mask. I recently purchased a face steamer from Amazon, and it gives pampering myself a nice upgrade. I've always heard about how great the steamer works, and I finally got to try it when I went back to Taiwan last time. It was amazing! Because I have lots of blackheads on my nose area, after using the face steamer, I was so easy for me to get rid of the ones that come to the surface. I decided to buy one for myself after I came back. Personally, using the steamer makes me feel very relaxed, especially earlier when the weather was still chilly and I got to surround my face in the nice, warm steam.



These are the things I really look forward to doing every night! By the time that I finish my usual routine to de-stress and relax after I get home from work, I’m ready to go to bed and have a good night sleep. What do you do to de-stress and relax after work?



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