Getting Out of a Rut

May 27, 2018

was in a serious rut during the entire April and at the beginning of May. I went from writing one to two posts a week to not writing at all. I really think this was the first time ever feel this unmotivated, and I couldn't bring myself to be productive at all. So in this post, I would like to talk about how I slowly get myself out of a rut and start to get back to my writing rhythm.



Acknowledge it

The first week when I didn't feel like writing my next blog post, I didn't think much of it at all. That's normal for me. Some weeks I just don't feel like doing it, and that's why I had so many posts scheduled ahead of time. I was still fine even when I didn't write for the second week. But when the third week hit, and I still didn't feel like writing, I knew that I was in a creative block. At first, of course, I tried to do something to be productive. I've tried brainstorming and free writing, but it just didn't work. Eventually, I decided to acknowledge that I was in a rut instead of refusing it, so I could figure out how to get out of this situation. 


Take some time off

One thing that I learned from this experience was that realizing when I need to take a break. because I know the more I forced myself to write, the harder writing would be for me. Also, I know my situation is different since I don't make any income from blogging, I have lots of flexibilities here. But even so, I still made sure that I had enough posts scheduled for me to take some time off from writing. And during those days when I was taking a break, I didn't think about blogging much. I put more focus on myself instead of other things. 


(Re)Find your purpose/inspiration

Until I feel that I've rested enough, I think back to the beginning of why I blog in the first place. I needed a reminder of the purpose of writing, so I can be motivated again. Also, finding inspiration would be very helpful as well. I've shared some ways to make me feel inspired, and seeing other people's creative content definitely was really the one last thing to help me get out of this rut.



Being in a creative block or a rut is something I believe that everyone would experience sometime during their lives. Honestly, now I'm out of this rut I feel so much better than before. There are so many new ideas not only for blogging but for other things in my life that I can't wait to make them happen!




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