Never Stop Learning

April 29, 2018

It has been over six months since I wrote the post After Taking the First Step, What's Next. As I mentioned in the post, I would like take some time to improve myself and learn the skills that I don't have but need for my goals. So when the time comes, I will be fully ready. Well, I thought it's time to do a little update on this topic and also share some of the great resources that I use.



Since going back to school is currently not an option for me, I rely a lot on the Internet. There are so many free resources you can find online. I found lots of helpful articles and videos that taught me so much. One of the main skills I want to develop is graphic design, which is also why I started this website as part of my online portfolio. My favorite tools to use to grow this skill are YouTube (no surprise) and different design blogs, such as 99designs. These resources provide so many tutorials that I could follow along and re-create the design, which is a great way for practices. I've learned lots of tips and techniques that I never knew before from these sites. 


Another thing that I want to learn is career development. I've been following some websites on this topic for a very long time. They often post articles of people from different fields. These professionals share their experience and what they've learned from it. Other than articles, some of those websites also offer webinars. I've attended some great ones from Career Contessa. The webinars also invite professionals to talk about tips and lessons from their work experience. In addition, the webinars would also have a Q&A section, where people can post their questions, and get the answers during the session.


After a while, I felt like I used most of the free resources I could find online that meet my needs, I started to consider to take some paid courses. To be honest, I really don't have that much budget to put into taking classes, so sites like Skillshare is a perfect solution for me. When my friend told me about Skillshare for the first time, I was really overwhelmed by all the contents it has on the site. I actually waited for a while to start my free trial. But once I started using it, I was very surprised by how well structured the classes are. I've really been enjoying taking these lessons so far.


Everything that I mentioned above is not only free or affordable, but I can also plan the lessons according to my own schedule. I absolutely love the flexibility, though the downside is that I would get lazy sometimes. But the feelings that I get after learning something new is just so amazing, and it always makes me want to keep learning.



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