How I Stay Organized at Work: Desktop and Emails

March 25, 2018

When I first got back to work from my month-long vacation, it was very hard for me to get my head around everything. Since I am a huge believer that a clear space will create a clear mind, the first thing I decided to do to bring my life back on track is to organized my workspace. I actually cleaned my desk before I left for my trip, so my main focus would be everything on my computer, which means my desktop and emails. 


I have to say, I don't have a really messy desktop, but it definitely needed some organizing, so I could get a fresh mood. And I had been meaning to go sort through all my emails for a long time, this would be a perfect timing for me to finally be doing it.




First thing I did was to take a look at what's on my desktop and in my inbox and determine everything that was either outdated, or I just don't need it anymore. This was not hard to do for my desktop since there were really not that many files on there. However, my inbox was very difficult. I usually try to keep my emails as organized as possible on a daily basis by categorized them, but when I got busy, it was very hard for me to keep up with them at all. What I did with all my emails was, I scrolled all the way to the bottom and started to delete from the oldest conversation. One good thing was, any uncategorized old emails that were still floating in my inbox were pretty much safe to be deleted. Still, it took me almost an entire morning just going through and deleting all my emails. But it felt so good when I finally finished!


Create folders

After getting rid of all the unnecessary files and emails, my next step was to create folders, so there are not just floating everywhere. I actually did use folders before already (like who doesn't, though), but I really needed to update them. Of course, for the files/documents that I need to use often, I just leave them on my desktop for easy access, and everything other than those got put into different folders. Same for my inbox. And since there were still some emails that I wasn't certain that I should delete right now, I put them in a specific folder, and I can come back and reassess if they can be deleted in six months or a year. If I want to have my folders be in specific orders, I would start naming them with numbers. That way, I could decide which folders should be on top and which ones should be at the bottom. And at this point, my computer looked super organized and it made me feel like a new person.


Change the theme

To add on top of it, I decided to get a new theme for my desktop. Before I just chose a landscape theme that was pre-installed on the computer. I went online and downloaded a beach theme with over ten images of gorgeous beach views. I had it set to rotate the images every ten minutes, so I don't get sick of looking at the same picture every single day. Having nice wallpapers for my desktop really put me in a better mood every time I look at them. And looking at these new images with water really made me feel calm and relax, which was what I need when I'm at work.



You wouldn't believe how great I felt after cleaning, organizing, and re-decorating my computer. After doing this, I actually felt ready to come back to work. If you're feeling like you're in a rut or not as productive at work, maybe try to organize or just change things around a bit. You will be amazed how much difference these small steps can make.



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