Tea Time: Favorite YouTubers/YouTube Channels

March 18, 2018

I spend a huge amount of time on my laptop. Browsing the Internet, checking emails, reading articles and blog posts… there are so much to do. But one of my favorite things to do on my laptop is to watch YouTube videos. I use YouTube for both entertainment and learning purposes because you can really find videos about any topics there.  And today, I would like to share some of my favorite YouTuber/YouTube channels.



Kalyn Nicholson

I mentioned in my last post, one of my ways to get inspiration is by watching YouTube videos. And Kalyn is that person who's videos always give me the most inspiration. I absolutely love her routine, plan with me, and of course, all of her #gyst videos. Everything time after watching her videos, I just want to take out my notebook/planner and start planning my future! She has a really positive energy and is very real. On top of that, she's also very hilarious! 



If I want to be in a calm and relaxing mood, Lavendaire is the channel I would go to. The overall vibe you get from this channel is very soft and soothing. Aileen, who's the person behind this channel, has lots of great advice and tips on how to become more productive. Some of her videos even have interactive exercises that you can actually take action by doing them. She also has experience in so many fields. When I was preparing for my trip the last time, I actually downloaded a bunch of her podcasts on my iPad, so I can still learn some life lessons from her. 



Claire is the most creative person I've seen on YouTube. Her filming and editing skills are so amazing. I really love her vlogs, especially when she's making her morning coffee. Since she's a makeup artist (if I remember correctly), she would provide some reviews on the products she has tried. The only thing is that though she has a series on Facebook, she doesn't post on YouTube as often as before. But whenever there's a new video on the channel, I will make sure that it's on my watchlist. 


Clothesencounters (Jenn Im)

Clothesencouters was one of the very first channels that got me starting to watch YouTube regularly. When I first discovered this channel and Jenn Im, I was able to relate to her so much, considering our age and major are very close. For a long while, I was getting so much inspiration from Jenn. Although I don't feel as connected to her now, I still appreciate the way her videos are created. And of course, I always watch when there are new ones as well.



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