Tea Time: My Favorite Series

November 26, 2017

I don't usually watch TV. So far, there was only one show that I had watched regularly on TV. I used to watch an episode of a show here and there, but I've never really finished a series completely. However, everything changed when we got Netflix. I've since watched lots of shows and movies that were on it and had found a few of my favorite that again, I've watched multiple times.



Friends (1994–2004, 10 seasons)

I first watched Friends when I was in college. My best friend and her roommate LOVE the show! Whenever I went to their apartment, Friends would be playing on the TV. However, I've only seen some episodes here and there. When the series was added to Netflix, I was completely obsessed with it! After finishing I watched all the episodes the first time, I immediately went back from the beginning and watched the series again and again. Doesn't matter how much time has passed, or many times I've watched all the episodes, this series still makes me laugh every time. Friends is definitely that one show that makes me relax. When Even if I'm not really watching, the show I like to have it on in the background.


Sherlock (2010–2017, 4 seasons so far)

Sherlock was the show that I've heard about for a long time, but never even thought of watching it. No matter how many times it appears on the "Popular" on Netflix, I was able to skip it and find other series or movies to watch. However, when I finally decided to give it a try, I immediately fell in love within the first 20 minutes! Each episode is an hour and a half, but I really didn't feel it was that long when I was watching it. Although the show is about solving crimes, it still has some good humor in it. And let's just be honest, you just can't not love Benedict Cumberbatch!


Criminal Minds (2005–2017,  13 seasons so far)

Criminal Minds was actually the first show (and only) I would watch regularly on TV. I used to watch the marathon every weekend. I watched it so much to a point that I could tell the episode by listening to part of it. I loved the show because I loved all the members of the team, and the storylines were great and sometimes very creepy. However, I stopped watching it after season 10 because I thought it wasn't as interesting as before, though I still love the old episodes.



Now I'm searching for a new series to watch, and hopefully, I can find something that makes me want to re-watch over and over again!



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