College Talk: Getting Involved

September 17, 2017

Recently, I had a conversation with my sister about resume writing. She's a college sophomore and is thinking about creating a resume, so she can use it to apply for internships next summer. This conversation makes me think back to the time in my junior year because I was also preparing a resume during that year. As one of the people who was least involved in anything on campus, I basically had no experience. I remember after I finished writing my first resume, it was barely 3/4 page, with all the information I could put on, even the related courses. To be honest, I was a little freaked out after seeing this. I described this situation to some of my good friends. One of them, who was a member of our college's Student Association PR board, invited me to join the board (since PR is my major), so I could gain more professional experience and have more things to talk about on my resume.



Honestly, if I was asked about this a semester earlier, I might have declined it (I was really terrible!). But I understood that I need to have as much as experience as possible, and I had no time to waste. So I went to the next meeting the board had and became a part of the team. From there, I met a wonderful group of people. Joining the board not only helped me gain more experience, but I also got to know and be friend with more people. I was aware of more activities and events on campus and was even able to participate in some of them as well.


Later in the same year, I was recommended for an internship opportunity by one of my professors. I got to work with people from outside of the campus for this position and got a chance to see the town and the community. After getting more comfortable being a part of the campus and the community, I participated in more organizations and internships, and I also took courses that were more interactive than lectures during my senior year. I was able to network with lots people in the field, and school became much more interesting for me. In the end, not only was I able to fill my resume with lots of great and related professional experience, I also gained these wonderful memories.


I must admit, my intention for getting involved on campus was not the best. But because of it, I was able to realize how important it is to get involved. If you're someone like me who doesn't like to be a part of anything, I really hope that this post would change your mind. Of course, you don't have to be a part of everything. And building the resume doesn't need to be the only reason you participate in anything. There are many ways you can get involved in college, and I believe everyone can find something they love to do, whether it's an student organization for your major, a sports club, or an event your dorm is holding. It did take me a while, but I was able to find the ways that are most comfortable and suitable for me to be a part of my school. And I would say it is definitely worth doing!



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