After Taking the First Step, What's Next?

September 1, 2017

One of the fun things about life is that it's unpredictable. I'm sure that we've all been through the situation that you plan and plan for something, as detailed as it could be, but at least one thing always changes. Well, this was what happened to me this year. 


In my post, Reflect and Refocus, I talked about how I felt really lost and didn't know what my passions are anymore. I took the first step by realizing the problem, and kind of knowing what I want to do. But what comes after that? At first, everything went smoothly. It took me a while, but I found my passions and figured out what I want to do with my career in marketing. My plan was to a bigger city to have better job opportunities. It all sounded really good to me. I actually started job searching. However, within two months, I made another decision that changed everything. 



I was finally getting what I wanted since I was 17: braces. I always know that I will get them one day, but making the decision this year was definitely unexpected for me. I looked at my savings and realized that I have reached my goal for braces, and I was about to turn 26. I asked myself, do I really want to wait for another year for something I have wanted for this long? The answer was No. So I quickly did my research, found the orthodontist, and began my treatment. 


Since I will need to check back with my orthodontist periodically, my plan to move was postponed. I might not be able to find a new job until at least a year and a half later (unless I find something in the nearby cities, but the chances are fairly small). So what am I going to do during this long period of time? Could I just put my career goals behind and just throw these months to waste? Of course not!


Although I can't carry on with my original plan, it doesn't mean that I have to sit here and do nothing. Now I know what my passions are and what I'm looking for, I know exactly what kind of skills I need. I'm going to spend these months on learning more skills that I don't quite have and improving myself to reach my goals. Therefore, when the time finally comes (again) for me to pursue my goals, I'll already be ready.



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