March 17, 2019

After not one, but two wind chill warnings for the frigid temperature (and many days of (wayyy) below zero temperatures), it's safe to say that I'm ready for spring.

This is the first winter I spent in my new apartment. In order to keep things easier for me for this season, I've bought a couple of tools that have made my life so, so much easier during the cold and snowy weather.

Snow broom

Before I moved out, I've always lived in a place with a gara...

May 13, 2018

Skincare is one of the most important steps for my daily night and morning routine. As someone who has very oily skin and visible pores, I've lived with blackheads and acne my whole life. I go from applying many, many kinds of different products on my face with hopes that they would clean up my face (but I actually got allergic reactions twice), to using no more than five items. Although my skin still not super smooth and clear, it's much, much m...

March 18, 2018

I spend a huge amount of time on my laptop. Browsing the Internet, checking emails, reading articles and blog posts… there are so much to do. But one of my favorite things to do on my laptop is to watch YouTube videos. I use YouTube for both entertainment and learning purposes because you can really find videos about any topics there.  And today, I would like to share some of my favorite YouTuber/YouTube channels.

Kalyn Nicholson

I mentioned i...

February 11, 2018

Every day on my way to work, I see at least one (most of the time, more) person who doesn't use blinkers when he or she changes lane or makes a turn. This is my biggest pet peeve. I thought it might be fun to share some of my other pet peeves in this post, instead of always writing about what I like. And who knows, maybe some of you get bothered by the same things as me.

Don't use turn signal

As I just mentioned, this is my number one pet...

January 15, 2018

I spent a good amount of time on my phone daily. Checking social media, news, emails, or just browsing through to see if there is anything interesting happening. I also use a handful of very practical apps to help me stay organized and connected. In this post, I would like to share four apps that I use every day to make my life easier.

Monefy (Free and paid)

In my post about saving money, I mentioned that I've been tra...

November 26, 2017

I don't usually watch TV. So far, there was only one show that I had watched regularly on TV. I used to watch an episode of a show here and there, but I've never really finished a series completely. However, everything changed when we got Netflix. I've since watched lots of shows and movies that were on it and had found a few of my favorite that again, I've watched multiple times.

Friends (1994–2004, 10 seasons)

I first watched Friends when I was i...

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May 19, 2019

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